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Use Cases

Detect generic objects in the wild

Use your existing IP camera infrastructure and add object detection capabilities at the edge. Simply download our Generic Object Detector AI Engine, push it to your edge device and get instant results. Our free Generic Object Detector support 80 object classes out of the box. If you need additional object detection, classification, recognition or tracking capabilities, please contact us.

Download from Docker Hub

Fight COVID-19

Need to assure that people are wearing a face mask or give them a friendly reminder that fighting COVID-19 is our joint responsibility? Download our Facial Mask Detector, load it to your edge device and print a neutral avatar message to any screen to remind and welcome visitors of your venue while staying fully GDPR compliant. If you need additional capabilities such as GDPR compliant people counting, recognition and tracking please contact us.


Download from Docker Hub

Automate and boost compliance in logistics

Advanced Number Plate Reading (APNR), Container BIC codes, dangerous good UN-Numbers and hazard pictograms all contain essential information to map the analog world view with your digital processes to drive automation and assure and document compliance. With our Generic Logistics AI Engine you can now apply this functionality right at the edge using your legacy equipment. We got you interested? Please contact us.

Download from Docker Hub (Coming soon)

Digital Twin: Avoid and predict machine outages

You want to avoid and predict machine outages but there are good reasons not to send telemetry data to the cloud? Learn how we can help you to build digital twin capabilities at the edge for high dimensional in- and output data within weeks and gain a forecast accuracy of 98%+. Want to learn more? Contact us.

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